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25 years experience



Step 1

Pressure wash all the area to be painted, to clean the surface of any dirt, dust, wax, grease or other contaminants.

Step 2

Remove loose, peeling, and flaky paint by scrapping and sanding.

Step 3

Protect with plastic film all windows from paint.

Step 4

Apply appropriate primer to all the surface to be coated.

Step 5

Repair, patch, and caulk all avoids, cracks, and holes where necessary, and spot priming.

Step 6

Apply appropriate paint to all the surface to be coated.

About Us

Since 1995, our company has been offering local residential and commercial painting services for interior and exterior projects. The quality of our finishings and our work ethic is what has helped establish our company as trustworthy service providers in the Bay Area. Our client’s satisfaction is our priority; our team of specialists is here to assist you on any project you wish to execute, no matter its scope. Ask for a free estimate today!



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